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Economic Empowerment
Industrial Development
Trade, Export and Investment
Financial Assistance
Legislation and Business Regulation

Economic Research Advisory Network (ERAN)


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Members are appointed by the Director-General of the dti

Member Profiles

Name:  Mr Livhuhani Mukhithi
Position:   Chairperson
Name:  Mr Tsedu Mbofholowo
Name:  Ms Daya Bharti
Name:  Luke Govender
Name:  Ms Nicoltte Sylvie Cataneo
Name:  Mr Martin Cameron
Name:  Prof. Wilma Viviers
Name:  Mr Mbuyiselo Samuel Sani
Name:  Kwena S.M. Matjekana
Name:  Mr Andrew Mukandile
Name:  Celeste Kriel
Name:  Simon Roberts