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    Corporate Management Services Division (CMSD)

    Ms Sarah Choane

    Deputy Director General: Corporate Management Services Division (CMSD)


    Customer-centric and integrated resource solutions in human resource management, information and communication technology (ICT), legal services and facilities management.
    Ms Sarah Choane

    Divisional Objectives

    1. Provide credible and customer-centric services that enhance service delivery;
    2. Attract, develop and retain the right quality and number of commited officials;
    3. Implement transformation through Employment Equity (EE) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE);
    4. Ensure value-adding business resource management that enhances efficiency;
    5. Strengthen the dti's corporate governance; and
    6. Ensure intra-divisional excellence.


    • Office of the DDG: CMSD
    • Human Resources and the Learning Centre;
    • Office of the Chief Information Officer;
    • Legal Services
    • Office of the Chief Operations Officer.

    Office DDG: CMSD

    Provides strategic guidance and management.  

    Human Resources and the Learning Centre

    • The unit is responsible for providing effective and efficient human resource solutions, and administrative and support services to the dti staff;
    • It creates an enabling environment for increased productivity and well-being, characterised by equity, quality and code of ethics; and
    • Furthermore, this unit is tasked with ensuring that required competencies are effectively identified, utilised, developed and nurtured to best equip the dti to deliver on its mandate.

    Office of the Chief Information Officer

    The unit is responsible for providing the dti with strategic enabling information communication technology (ICT) services to enhance the organisational effectiveness and efficiency, in support of the dti's overall strategy.  

    Legal Services

    Provides quality, effective and efficient legal and administration support services, including:
    • Qualitative legal opinions across various legal disciplines for the dti;
    • Drafting, vetting and negotiating legal sound contracts and international agreements for the dti;
    • Providing legal technical assistance with regard to the parliamentary legislative process undertaken by the dti; and
    • Management of all litigation and legal processes for the dti.

    Office of the Chief Operations Officer

    • Provides the office of the DDG: CMSD with operational support towards the achievement of divisional objectives;
    • Provides safe, secure and conducive office accommodation; the use of space as a scarce resource and solutions around its optimisation; and
    • Implements minimum information and physical security standards through awareness creation, personnel and contractor vetting, and providing the necessary technical counter-surveillance measures, support and equipment.