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Proposed prohibition of the use of names of products: SADC-EU Economic Partnership Agreement

As part of ongoing negotiations with the EU in the Economic Partnership Agreement, the European authorities have presented for protection the list of names for certain products. It was deemed appropriate for the EU to apply for the protection of certain words under Section 15 of the Merchandise Marks Act. A notice to this effect was published under Government Notice No 66 of 2014 in the Government Gazette (Gazette number 37296) dated 04 February 2014 . Click here to view the notice as published.

Prior to the names being protected as prohibited marks, and as part of the public comment period prescribed in terms of the Merchandise Marks Act, the public may view the descriptions of the products as well as the rules of use applicable thereto at the following links:

Interested persons are invited to submit in writing representations in regard to this matter to the Registrar of Trade Marks at to reach her within 30 days of the publication in the Government Gazette of the notice under the Merchandise Marks Act for protection of names (refer to notice as published above). The submission deadline is 7 March 2014.