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Minister Davies Calls for Final Comments on the Notice on Labelling of Goods originating from Israeli Occupied Territory Wrongly Labelled as originating from Israel in Terms of Section 24 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008


As you may recall, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies, published Notice 379 of 2012 Government Gazette No. 35328 requiring traders in South Africa not to incorrectly label products that originate from the occupied territories as products of Israel. The notice was published for a period of 60 days for public comment. The Minister received submissions from interested parties and the public, some of which had proposed changes to the text of the Notice. Having considered the submissions, the Minister also placed the matter before Cabinet and Cabinet resolved in support of the notice requiring proper labelling.

The Notice 379 of 2012 Government Gazette No. 35328 has now been reworked taking into account submissions received. The final draft was published on 12 October 2012, Notice 832 of 2012 Government Gazette No. 35796. Interested parties and the public have been afforded a further period of thirty (30) days from date of publication to input.

The Minister has at all times during this process afforded all interested parties an opportunity to make proposals on this matter and will continue to do so within this 30 day period. After considering all submissions made in this period of 30 days, the Minister will proceed to issue a Final Notice on the matter.

For any enquiries on the Notice 832 of 2012 Government Gazette No. 35796, please contact Mr Ntutuzelo Vananda at or +27 (12) 394 1383.

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