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Automotives Sector Remains a Successful Story for South Africa

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Toyota South Africa Motors, Mr Andrew Kirby, says the South African automotive sector remains a successful story for the country despite the difficult economic climate and competition from other African countries. Kirby was speaking during the visit to Toyota’s Durban plan by the Joint Oversight Committee on Trade, International Relations, Economic and Business Development.

The purpose of the visit by Members of Parliament to Toyota was to oversee the work done by the economic cluster departments in regard to investments, employment creation and transformation achieved as a result of the incentives and support that the company received from government.

According to Kirby, the automotive sector contributes 58% of total manufacturing in South Africa and 6.9% of the Gross Domestic Products in the country. He says the sector remains the top ten employers in the country and has leap-frogged the mining sector.

“The vision for the South African Automotive Masterplan 2035 is to increase 60% local content and 100% employment growth, transform the industry, increased value addition within the industry, upliftment of informal sector and township revitalization, amongst others,” said Kirby.

He added that the general plan was also to grow the South African vehicle production to 1% of global output, increase local content in assembled vehicles to 60% and double total employment in auto value chain.

The automotive industry is an important part of the manufacturing sector attracting investment in the country. With support through the Automotive Production Development Programme (APDP) Toyota is planning to invest further in future.

Joint Oversight Committee on Trade, International Relations, Economic and Business Development during their visit to the Toyota plant in Durban.

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