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Trade,Export and Investment Financial Assistance (Incentives)

Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP)


The Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP) is a cost sharing grant for projects designed to improve critical infrastructure in South Africa. The grant covers qualifying development costs from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 30% towards the total development costs of qualifying infrastructure. It is made available to approved eligible enterprise upon the completion of the infrastructure project concerned.

Infrastructure for which funds are required is deemed to be ‘critical’ if the investment would not take place without the said infrastructure or the said investment would not operate optimally.


  • Support competitiveness by lowering business costs and risks;
  • Provide targeted financial support for physical infrastructure; and
  • Stimulate upstream and downstream linkages.

  • A cash grant to a maximum of 30% capped at R30 million of the development cost of qualifying infrastructure.

Eligibility Enterprises
  • Public sector entities such as municipalities;
  • Private investors / companies.


Lawrence Muthaphuli  012 394 1431
Mmonoko Seane  012 394 5251