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MCEP Electronic Applications

How to Apply

In the quest for the dti to improve service quality to our country we have embarked on a modernisation process that will take us on a 2 year journey. We have embarked on identifying areas that we can change quickly that will have a major impact on our clients and assist the dti in processing incentive applications faster.

MCEP was chosen as a start for this change especially the MCEP Application process and therefore.

The benefits of this change are to:

  • Reduce and better manage the amount of supporting documentation.
  • Ensure that only fully completed applications are submitted.
  • Reduce the application size by only requesting mandatory information, based on the applicant's component selection.

Please note that all applications must be submitted online, the dti will not accept any e-mailed or manual applications.

For MCEP Individual Applications

How to Complete the Application (note: You will require a minimum of Adobe 10 to be able to complete the form)

      To Access the Application Pack: The following documents are applicable to claims:

For MCEP Cluster Applications

  • Download the Cluster Application form: MCEP2012-B01 (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • If you have more than 5 Members, please download and complete the Additional Members Form for each member: MCEP2012-C01 (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • Download the Company Diagnostic Form: MCEP2012-E01 (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • Download the Balance Sheet: MCEP2012-D01 (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • Download the Income Statement Form: MCEP2012-D02 (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • Download the SIC Codes (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • Download the Domicilium and Resolution (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • Download the MCEP Claim Form (Right Click > Save Target As)
  • Download the Supplier Maintenance Form (Right Click > Save Target As)

You can complete the forms offline, and save the forms to your desktop. Please complete the Company Diagnostic Form, as well as the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Once completed, please make sure that you have attached the forms to the Main Application form, with your supporting documents, before submitting the form.

Support & Assistance

If you need any assistance, or have any support related problems please contact:

Jamela Nkabinde
Tel: +27 (12) 394 5814


Mmakopa Makwela
Tel: +27 (12) 394 5815

For any IDC Related Queries, please send an e-mail to