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    Investment Promotion and Inter-Departmental Clearing House

    Mr Yunus Hoosen

    Acting Head Investment Promotion and Inter-Departmental Clearing House (ODG & TISA)


    Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA) aims to increase export capacity and support direct investment flows via the implementation of strategies directed at targeted markets, and effectively manage the dti's network of foreign trade offices.
    Mr Yunus Hoosen

    Strategic Goals

    • Increase the quality and quantum of foreign and domestic direct investment;
    • Undertake effective investment recruitment campaigns;
    • Provide an efficient facilitation and information service in order to retain and expand investment into South Africa and Africa, thereby serving as a one-stop shop initiative;
    • Develop new and existing South African exporters' capabilities, in order to grow exports globally (goods, services and capital);
    • Provide appropriate information, financial support and practical assistance to sustain organic growth in traditional markets and penetrate new high growth markets; and
    • Effectively manage and administer the dti's Foreign Office network.


    TISA comprises four business units, namely:  
    • Investment Promotion and Facilitation;
    • Export Promotion and Marketing;
    • Export Development and Support; and
    • Foreign Service Management.

    Investment Promotion and Facilitation

    The unit is responsible for attracting foreign direct investment, as well as developing and promoting local direct investment. This is achieved via the identification, packaging and marketing of potential investment opportunities, and the identification of potential investors. The unit facilitates investment in South Africa, provides general information on the investment and domestic business climate, and offers dedicated aftercare services to investors. The unit organises inward/outward trade missions, and facilitates funding and Government support for trade- and investment-related activities.  

    Export Promotion and Marketing

    The unit is responsible for developing and implementing regional export promotion strategies based on market research and identification of export opportunities; reviewing the National Export Strategy by assimilating inputs from relevant stakeholders to ensure a targeted and focused approach; and rendering export support services such as providing export information and advice as well as administering an incentive scheme (EMIA) that partially compensates exporters for certain costs incurred in marketing their products and services in foreign markets.


    Export Development and Support

    The unit is designed to contribute to the positioning of South Africa as a reliable trade partner by expanding the exporter base of the country, thereby increasing the export supply and sales of South Africa. The focus is on the creation of an export culture towards global participation, provision of assistance, extensive capacity-building as well as the creation of opportunities and serving as an industry interface for the dti. South African companies are assisted at all levels to ensure retention, expansion and diversification by company, product and market.


    Foreign Service Management

    The unit aims to render a full suite of corporate services to foreign economic offices to enhance the promotion of exports and investment in targeted countries. the dti has a network of 46 foreign economic offices abroad to facilitate business on behalf of South African companies. This network is spread over 36 countries and provides a substantial footprint for South African business to access markets globally.