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Just a few tips for you!

Branding yourself!

Your online CV is as important as a manually/standard CV, it is important that one knows that the CV is the first contact you will have with us. So...

  • Make sure it is updated and tailored to the job advert;
  • Provide as much details as possible (keep it relevant to the advertised post);
  • Ensure that all sections have been completed and are accurate;
  • Provide contact details, more than one number;
  • Do a spell check and ensure, your ID number has been entered correctly;
  • Provide all relevant qualifications; and
  • Notify your references before including them in your CV and update their details if they change.

Areas you should not miss:

  • Personal details, including name, address, phone number (alternative number) and e-mail address;
  • Education and qualifications;
  • Career history should start with your current or most recent job first, start date month and year as well as the last month and year;
  • Customise your experience and skills towards the job specification in the advert (be honest) by listing competencies that relate to the duties and requirements; and
  • References, ideally three (friends and family do not count as references).