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SA Exporters Should Take Advantage of New Initiatives Introduced Germany Has on Africa

South African exporters should take advantage of new initiatives which Germany has introduced on Africa, which are geared towards stimulating business, trade and economic development.  This was said by South Africa’s Foreign Economic Representative in Germany, Mr Jacob Moatshe, during the official launch of the South African Pavilion at the Fruit Logistica Berlin Trade Fair in Germany.

Moatshe said that South Africa was the largest and most strategic partner through which various German companies can expand into the African region to facilitate value-chains and expand the operations.

“The biggest challenge for ourselves is to optimally utilise some of these initiatives that Germany has established for our benefit. By these, I’m referring to the ‘Pro-Africa Plan’ which aims to strengthen the foundations for stability and development and aim to particularly foster good governance, the ‘Marshall Plan with Africa’ with the twin objectives of increasing trade and development on the continent and hopefully reducing mass migration flows north across the Mediterranean and the ‘G20 Compact with Africa’ which aims to promote private sector-led development and improve the investment environment,” he said.

In addition, Moatshe said that South Africa was Germany’s biggest trade partner within Africa and that South Africa could benefit from integration into the value-chains.

“This is quite essential to pursue as we understand that more than 70% of global trade takes place through value-chains,” said Moatshe.

The Fruit Logistica Berlin is regarded as the world’s leading international trade fair for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry and covers every sector of the international fruit and vegetable supply chain from production, distribution and marketing, through to the point of sale including global players as well as small and medium sized suppliers from all around the world.

South Africa’s Foreign Economic Representative in Germany, Mr Jacob Moatshe at the South African Pavilion during the Fruit Logistica Berlin Trade fair in Germany

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